Huckaby Family Photos

I have had the pleasure of knowing the Huckaby family before the third little Huckaby even came along. One of my favorite things about being a photographer is getting front row seats into the growth of so many peoples lives.

I met this little guy when he was just days new and now he is so close to being a year old. (At the bottom I will add a photo from his newborn session)

We started the session off very relaxed, the dad was getting his famous pizza dough finished while we went to Baby’s room to get some photos of him before he woke from his nap. Mom was right there as baby woke up full of smiles.

Then we headed to mom and dads room to capture some of the same moments we did just 10 months earlier. It is truly amazing to see the growth of a baby in less than a year. How much they change and grow is remarkable.

After some bedtime cuddles, they got the baby dressed and we went to the Highland Mansion in Littleton, Colorado. There were beautiful open spaces with a view of the mountains and classic architecture which made it the perfect spot to end their session.

While we were outside in the 40-degree weather baby Huckaby was just full of smiles. Which isn’t always the case when documenting families (and that’s okay!). One thing that I have been loving more and more about documenting families everyday moments and worrying less about taking portraits is that the children seem to naturally be more relaxed and comfortable. When we worry less about getting the perfect photo and more about documenting your family where they are right now the images carry more meaning and feeling.

Katie Torres