Skip the Boring Birthday Photos this Year: Denver Documentary Photographer

When I first became a mama I knew that my baby girl would grow up right before my very eyes but I never really understood how fast that actually happened. Every year I made it a point to take special birthday photos and every year the photos never met the expectations I wanted them to meet. I When she turned one, I spent weeks planning the perfect cake smash photo session, I spent all night decorating a tiny little cake to match her tiny little outfit. Everything was going as planned until my 12 month old decided she actually didn’t want a cake smash, she wanted to read her favorite book instead.

Here I was, trying to force her to “just try a piece of frosting” because I couldn’t have anything less than a Pinterest worthy cake smash photo I had pictured in my head. We walked away with one good image of her reading a book. I bet you’re wondering why I am telling you this. Well, it has taken me 7 years and thousands of failed photos to realize that the best images are never the ones I plan.

So this year I did things a little different, I did something that might be a little scary for most. I put my Seven year old in charge, I mean, they were her birthday photos after all.

She picked out the activity we were going to do, her outfit and hair style, she even slipped some eye shadow on from her play makeup kit. We treated her birthday photos as a birthday activity instead and I brought my camera to document our little adventure.

How did it go?

Way better than the previous six years of birthday photos. She said again and again how much fun she was having and didn’t ask once if we were finished taking photos. And for a child with ‘photographer child syndrome’ that’s a pretty spectacular turnout!

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